Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Easy ways to tone up at work

An excess of sitting and too little exercising is terrible for your well being. You are doing your best to make time for physical activity, but securing time to exercise is a challenge. 

The bright side is, your cubicle can be the best gym, for some really effective exercises.

Joan Price, author of “The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book” believes,
"As ergonomic as your desk or chair may be, sitting produces back pains, headaches, and listlessness. You become less productive”

While you shouldn't abandon your gym exercise schedule, you can surely supplement it with exercises done at your office cubicle.

7 Moves to Tone up at work

Tone up at work


Sitting on your office chair may give you a salary hike but a better posture and worked out core, NEVER! 
Trade your office chair with an exercise ball which will help in core strengthening (your abs have to constantly contract to keep your body from hitting the floor), 

keep you active throughout the day and also motivate you to do some quick stretches and enjoy sneaky workout breaks.



This exercise will helping you a more toned model like Butt, right from the comfort of your office chair.
To get more toned, tense your behind, hold for 5-10 seconds, and release. Squeeze your butt to stand." Repeat eight to 15 times for a few minutes daily.


You probably don't keep dumbbells at your desk, you know, hiding among your file folders. 

Stand facing your desk chair. Bend at the waist and grab the arms of the chair. Keeping your abs tight, arms slightly bent and your back nice and flat, slowly pick the chair up off the ground.

Aim for two sets of 20 of these.

Seated Leg Raise


This is a great office exercise because it’s barely detectable if done under a desk.
Sit upright on your chair, raise one leg at a time, and hold in place for 5-10 seconds.Slowly lower them back to the ground without letting your foot touch the floor.

Alternate legs and repeat.If you’re feeling hardcore, you can loop a heavy briefcase strap around your leg for some added weight.

Neck Twist


To alleviate neck and shoulder tension, 

Sit up and sense your cheekbones aligned with your collarbones or your ears over your shoulders. Take a few deep breaths and shrug your shoulders near your ears, exhale and slowly let the weight of your shoulders release around your ribs.Repeat this 6-8 times on each side.

Make sure computer keyboard and screen are directly in front of you. Having it off to one side, even slightly, causes major issues over the long haul on your neck and low back curves.”


This one’s great for easing work frustrations as well as strengthening your arm muscles.
Place your hands flat over your desk and push down for 5-10 seconds.

Repeat this step with your hands pushing up from underneath the desk.


Muscles worked: Lower Back, Mid Back and chest. 

Movement: Sit tall on the edge of the chair, twist to the right, placing left palm on the outside of right knee and right hand behind you on the left side of the chair to assist the stretch. Sit tall and twist like a corkscrew.

One last thing: Don't let fear of embarrassment keep you from exercising at work. Its your life, your body!

Promoting Physical Activity at Work, Why?

Employees should be encouraged to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice that would pay off in a number of ways:

  • Fit employees are less likely to become ill. A man who is physically fit is, by and large more impervious to the "bug going around" than a man who is unfit. Diminished truancy and decreased health care services expenditures are the after effect of a fit workforce base.
  • Healthy employees have more energy. One of the numerous advantages of regular physical activity is, increased and prop up energy. This energy permits the employees to stay concentrated on the daily work targets, conveying the best of their ability to every assignment. 

  • Fit employees have more self-assurance. This self-assurance enables the worker to test themselves, and take a stab at larger amounts of accomplishment in the work environment.
  • Fit employees inspire more confidence. A personality that keeps up a high fitness level, has a tendency to be the one in whom others have confidence.
  • Fit employees set and accomplish objectives. An employee with the demonstrated capacity to set objectives, and after that REALIZE those objectives, is an asset for any organization.
  • Fit representatives are less stressed. Regular physical activity vent up the physical and mental pressures that life brings in our direction, subsequently a fit worker has a tendency to have lower general anxiety levels than the one who does not take part in regular physical activity.
  • Encouraging wellness shows an apprehension toward the employee’s prosperity, and pays off! Further, it has been demonstrated that employee turnover is fundamentally lower among workers that take an advantage of an health program actualized by their organizations.

As entrepreneurs or supervisors, our most essential resources are our employees! Employees spend a lot of energy and time at work. Utilizing workout breaks in a normal work day can help in reduction in the healthcare costs and greater workforce productivity.